Hosted Exchange 2010 is only avaiable as an extension of existing accounts!

Please note: Hosted Exchange 2010 can only be booked by existing customers to extend their existing account. There are no new orders possible.

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Hosted Exchange 2010

Companies require significant resources to operate their own exchange server. As a central mail system, the server is part of the critical infrastructure that needs to be reliably protected against system failures as well as external attacks. Our alternative to self-operation is Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Besides email with your own domain, several proprietary domains are also possible - Exchange Online also offers all other features of your own exchange server and relieves you completely of the complex administration tasks.


Highest security

Redundant hardware ensures that your Hosted Exchange 2010 Server is operated in LANSOL data centre with high availability. Unauthorised attempts to access your server are reliably blocked by our firewall. Moreover, our Exchange Server Hosting consistently ensures up-to-date protection against viruses and spam. Effective protection can only be ensured through round-the-clock monitoring. Small and medium-sized enterprises rarely have the human resources required to ensure this. Therefore, more and more companies opt for operating sensitive systems in professional data centres as the LANSOL data centre. Of course, our servers are operated exclusively in our data centre in Limburgerhof, Ludwigshafen.


Hosted Exchange allows versatile use of all features

Our Exchange Server Hosting not only allows you to receive and send mails but also use all of the other features:

  • Manage your data centrally in shared calendars and address books!
  • You can create as many public folders as you want to share important documents!
  • Access to all functions and data on all mobile devices (tablet, iPhone, Android...) anytime, anywhere!
  • Outlook Web Access offers you a standardised user interface on all devices!
  • Manage your Exchange Server with the convenient web panel!
  • Save time with our always up-to-date anti-spam protection!
  • Enjoy fast access at 200 Mbps!
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